People are more than what you can gather from a resume or interview, so your recruitment strategy should include more than that too. The Predictive Index (PI), a proprietary talent optimization tool, utilizes research-backed assessments that give businesses insight into candidates as a whole, helping them hire, manage, and lead better.

Key Components

Every job has certain behavioral and cognitive demands, and ideally, every company would find candidates that meet those demands perfectly. The PI’s two core assessments allow you to narrow in on candidates that are the best fit for the role or, if they aren’t, allow you to bridge any gaps with targeted training and coaching.

Behavioral Assessment

Using free choice stimulus response, the PI behavioral assessment measures key areas of a candidate’s behavior: dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality. This ultimately leads to better hiring decisions by giving you foresight into how an employee will perform months into their role, knowledge which you can’t easily uncover on a resume or through an interview.

The behavioral assessment is also a valuable employee development tool. Many businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to finding the perfect candidate. To fill in any gaps in the candidate’s knowledge or experience, the Predictive Index gives you guidance on what areas they may need coaching and how they should be coached so that they can succeed in their role.

Cognitive Assessment

During the cognitive assessment, participants are given 50 questions and 12 minutes to correctly answer as many as they can. The end result is an objective cognitive ability score that suggests an individual’s capacity for learning and adapting to new concepts. This score is then looked at in comparison to the target score for a specific job position.

Though this score should never be the sole factor behind hiring decisions, it gives companies a concrete data point that indicates how well a candidate is likely to perform in a given role. A candidate with a high cognitive score would not perform well over time in a less cognitively demanding position, and vice versa. The Predictive Index lets you see this before you make a hire.

Utilizing the Predictive Index

Hiring & recruitment

When you use the Predictive Index, you’re not just looking at the best resume or interviewee. If used correctly, the PI behavioral and cognitive assessments are valuable data that aid companies in finding the best fit for a job position. The PI Assessments let you narrow in on the best fit for a role, helping businesses limit turnover rates by finding the right person from the beginning.

Talent management

Effective management is key to improving retention rates and helping your employees thrive in the workplace. Through the PI’s assessments and talent optimization platform, managers receive unmatched insight into their employees’ strengths and caution areas.

Beyond just providing behavioral descriptors, the PI presents clear data points that are meant to be viewed in relation to a job position’s defined targets. Where there are gaps between these two points, the PI gives specific suggestions on how an individual should be coached and trained to be more successful in their role.

Leadership & self-awareness

The Predictive Index serves as a powerful tool for all team members. Managers and anyone else in a leadership position are able to look at their own strengths and caution areas, adjust their management styles and develop new skills through personalized tips and suggestions.

The PI platform is also able to look at entire teams, uncover gaps between current strategies and business goals, and provide recommendations on how to fill those gaps. These different levels of self-awareness come together to create efficient teams and effective leaders.

Predictive Index Validity

This simple yet highly effective assessment is backed by rigorous scientific testing and has led to proven results for companies everywhere. Through content validity studies, item analysis, and fairness studies, among other research and development tasks following EEOC, APA, and ITC guidelines, the Predictive Index’s Science Team ensures accuracy, consistency, and stability.

In addition to extensive research and testing, 350 case studies have been performed that demonstrate the effectiveness of this proprietary tool. A Subway franchise owner, for example, is one of many Predictive Index success stories. In this case, the owner was able to lower employee turnover from 70% to 32% and save $15,000 in training costs after implementing the Predictive Index in his restaurants.

Using the Predictive Index with Empower Partnerships

The Predictive Index can give businesses the power to build better strategies and develop stronger employees—when applied consistently. Unlike your standard PI consulting company, Empower Partnerships is capable of supporting you throughout the whole employee lifecycle. We’ll make sure the Predictive Index is implemented correctly, and then we’ll stick around to ensure that you’re always getting the most out of the platform and that your employees want to stick around, too. Contact us today to find out exactly what we can do to support your business with this valuable toolset.