How to Write a Great Job Posting That Attracts the Best Candidates

2022-05-18T09:50:00-07:00May 18th, 2022|Recruitment|

When it comes to finding top talent, perhaps the most important part of your talent acquisition process is creating an accurate, enticing and exciting job advertisement for your career site or sites like Glassdoor or Indeed. That means no more stale job postings that don’t do anything but list off requirements and responsibilities. To start creating job adverts that get results, you need to implement these best practices. Top tips for creating job adverts that [...]

Interviewing Best Practices to Find Top Talent

2022-05-18T09:38:43-07:00May 18th, 2022|Recruitment|

Interviews are a key component of your talent acquisition process, but be warned – businesses often don’t put much thought into them, and in many cases, end up making biased, inaccurate evaluations and hiring a candidate that isn’t a good fit for the position. Here’s how you can improve your interview process to avoid hiring mistakes and bring in high-quality talent that empowers your business. The Dos DO avoid cliche interview questions. You don’t want [...]

Talent Acquisition Best Practices

2022-03-11T13:08:04-07:00March 11th, 2022|Recruitment|

When it comes to finding the right people for your business, you can’t simply hope to stumble upon top talent. You need to actively attract and acquire it. In other words, you need a solid talent acquisition strategy. With the goal of improving your business’s performance and staying ahead of the competition, talent acquisition involves developing strategies and processes that attract job candidates who can not only fulfill immediate needs but also contribute to the [...]

The Career Site: How to Make the Most of this Recruitment Tool

2022-03-08T18:28:27-07:00March 8th, 2022|Recruitment|

As a business owner or recruiter in an always-evolving digital world, you need an effective, agile strategy for attracting the right talent. But with all of the tools available today, how do you know which are the best ones to use?Here’s why every business should have a career site—and how you can create one that actually gets results.What Is a Career Site?While the terms are often used interchangeably, a career site isn’t the same as a [...]

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

2022-01-28T17:56:37-07:00January 28th, 2022|Recruitment|

Hiring the right talent is key to a company’s efficiency, productivity, and success. But businesses often don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to establishing an effective recruitment process. As a result, many companies choose recruitment process outsourcing. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing that involves off-loading recruitment processes, in part or in whole, to a third-party provider. Despite being an external organization, the RPO provider acts as part [...]

Employer Branding: What You Need to Know

2021-12-19T11:05:48-07:00December 19th, 2021|Recruitment|

During a time when individuals are changing jobs more frequently and when informing yourself on a company is as easy as reading reviews for your favorite restaurant, it’s critical that businesses have a strong employer brand to improve the success of their talent acquisition—and their business. Employer Branding: An Overview First, the term “employer brand” refers to your reputation as an employer, not to be confused with your general company brand, which usually targets consumers. [...]

How to Reduce Your Cost Per Hire, Time to Fill, and Other Recruiting Metrics

2021-06-23T09:42:48-07:00June 23rd, 2021|Recruitment|

To keep track of and minimize recruitment costs, employers often turn to various recruitment metrics, with one of the most common being cost per hire. As the name suggests, cost per hire is the amount of money you spend on a single hire. This common recruiting metric is calculated by adding up both the total internal and external costs of all hires and then dividing by the number of hires made over a specific time [...]

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies: What to Look for

2021-06-16T16:24:13-07:00June 16th, 2021|Recruitment|

An inefficient recruitment process can lead to unnecessary expenditures of resources, time and money while limiting your ability to focus on your core business goals. For the majority of companies that just don’t have dedicated resources to resolve all of their recruiting challenges, they often choose to utilize Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Whether you’re looking to hand off some or all of your recruitment process, bringing in an RPO provider is an effective way of [...]

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