How to Write a Great Job Posting That Attracts the Best Candidates

When it comes to finding top talent, perhaps the most important part of your talent acquisition process is creating an accurate, enticing and exciting job advertisement for your career site or sites like Glassdoor or Indeed. That means no more stale job postings that don’t do anything but list off requirements and responsibilities.

To start creating job adverts that get results, you need to implement these best practices.

Top tips for creating job adverts that get results


Job Title: While the job title seems like the most straightforward part of the job ad, it plays a bigger role than you may think. After all, the job title is what people usually search for when they’re job hunting. When writing the job title, put yourself in the candidates’ shoes – what are they likely typing into their search engines? Be sure to include keywords that are specific and relevant to the role in the job title.

Salary (including benefits and perks): Employers often make the mistake of not including the job salary in the job ad. If you do include the salary, your job ad could see up to 30% more applicants. Plus, you eliminate any candidates that are too expensive for your budget from the get-go.

Introduction to your company: Candidates usually aren’t attracted to a job position for the daily tasks and responsibilities alone. They want to work with a company that excites and inspires them. In a short paragraph, you can convey your culture and share what it’s like to work for your company, helping to reel in your dream candidate.

Duties/responsibilities: Of course, your job ad should include the position’s core responsibilities so candidates can better determine whether the role is a good match for them personally and professionally.

Requirements/qualifications: Make sure to clearly state the qualifications that are required for the role. This will narrow down the application pool to the most qualified candidates for the position, saving you and the candidates time.


Your job adverts may be excluding people without you realizing it. Things as subtle as the adjectives you use to describe skillsets can hurt your chances of finding the talent you need. For example, research has shown that women are 50% less likely to apply for a role that uses coded gender bias—regardless of the job. In addition to writing your job ads with neutral, objective descriptors, consider conducting an audit with different members of your organization.


As mentioned above, a job is more than the daily responsibilities that come with it. To build teams of employees that are motivated and happy to contribute to the company’s goals, you need candidates that share your values and fit the organization’s culture. Address key questions such as: What are your core values? Is your company laid back and entrepreneurial or is it a more “traditional” corporate work environment? After reading the full job ad, the candidate should have a good understanding of what it’s really like to work for your company.


The less complex your application process is, the more likely you are to bring in candidates, but no matter what your process looks like, you should explain it in your job postings. Good communication and transparency will help you leave a positive impression on candidates, even if they don’t ultimately get the job.

Where do you post job ads?

There are countless job posting sites now available for organizations to use, but not all of them will be the best fit for your job ad (or your company). Some job sites are industry-specific, while others just might not align with what you’re looking for. Facebook, for example, would be a good place to advertise to passive candidates. Popular job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed are better for employers that are looking for active candidates and want to cast a wide net.

Effective Talent Acquisition needs more than a winning advert

If you’re ready to attract the most qualified candidates, we’re here to bring the holistic and industry-specific talent acquisition solutions you need. From sourcing and strategy to onboarding and training, we focus on finding and developing the right candidates that align with your goals and will contribute to your growth. Contact us to discover more about our tailored approach to Talent Acquisition.