Out With Old Staffing Solutions: Recruitment Methods That Work

The world of talent acquisition is constantly evolving, with opportunities to implement new, innovative recruitment methods popping up all the time. But, like with most things, there is a learning curve, and not all companies have gotten rid of old staffing solutions in favor of more modern strategies.

Naturally, some methods may be more achievable for larger organizations with the resources to dedicate to implementing them. But companies of any size and type can benefit from revamping their recruitment strategies, and smaller organizations may choose to bring in a recruitment outsourcing provider, like Empower Partnerships, to support them. Outsourcing your hiring to a professional staffing provider can save both time and money, freeing up your company’s human resources team to better serve your existing employee base.

In any case, here are some of the recruitment methods that you should implement to find the talent you need, faster.

Internal hiring

An often overlooked recruitment method, hiring internally lets you dramatically reduce the time it takes to fill positions while keeping company morale high and showing your employees you’re invested in their growth. Plus, the shortened learning curve can help you save on important resources. After all, you’ve likely invested significant time and money in training these employees; keeping them long-term and growing them within the company protects those investments.

Inclusive Job Descriptions

The way your postings are written can have a significant impact on the quantity and type of candidates attracted to the position. Certain phrases could discourage or completely turn away whole groups of candidates, so you’ll want to write your posting mindfully, and then go back and carefully check for any implicit biases.

Social media

Social media networks are too popular to not be used as a way of recruiting candidates, especially younger ones. Through social media, and not just Facebook and LinkedIn, job seekers can easily learn about and connect with your company (and vice versa). And when strategically leveraged, social networking sites are an effective way of building and showcasing your company culture.

Improved interviews

Interviews have traditionally been conducted in an interrogation-like fashion, but in order to find the best person for the job, it’s equally important that the candidate be able to learn about the company as well. However, this back and forth doesn’t mean interviews should be completely unstructured. You should still plan out what questions will be asked.This will guarantee a more even playing field and a clearer standard by which you can evaluate candidates.

Passive candidates

Until recently, not many companies had tapped into the potential of passive candidates (people that currently have a job and are not actively seeking employment elsewhere). While passive candidates may take a bit more convincing, they generally have higher skill sets, a background of success, and are not looking elsewhere—which means less competition for you.

Empower your recruitment process

With Empower Partnerships, you won’t just get a staffing solutions team. We become an extension of your organization, here to deliver a fresh new approach to the way you acquire talent. Always focused on your needs and objectives, we bring the latest recruitment tools to cut costs and reduce time to fill open positions. Contact us today to find out how you can disrupt your current strategies, saving you both time and money as you onboard your new employees.