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The Art of Writing a Stand-Out Job Posting

Job seekers can scan through dozens of openings in a single session, so how do you ensure you attract your ideal candidate and inspire them to apply? Our introductory guide explores how you can craft a job posting that does just that.

Tip #1: Understand Your Audience

The first step to writing an effective job posting is to know your audience — the potential candidates you’re targeting. Beyond the essential qualifications and experience, this involves understanding their aspirations, their personality, and the values they look for in a workplace. A job posting should speak directly to these aspects, making it clear why your company is the right place for their next career move, whether they’re seeking a full-time role or other opportunities. 

Are you looking for a creative team member who loves collaborative environments? Infuse some creativity into the language, and highlight the specific ways your company encourages creativity and teamwork. Aligning your job posting with the motivations and goals of your target audience lays the groundwork for a successful and lasting employment relationship.

Tip #2: Showcase Your Company Culture

Think of your job posting as a window into the heart of your company. Showcasing your culture and values paints a vivid picture of the work environment and what it truly means to be part of your team. Including examples highlighting your company’s ethos, such as community involvement or innovative work practices, demonstrates your commitment to creating positive and supportive working conditions and underlines how employees contribute to and benefit from this culture. This approach helps candidates visualize themselves within your company, increasing the likelihood of attracting those who align with your values.

Tip #3: Use Concise, Inclusive Language

Candidates may not give every job posting an in-depth read, so easy-to-understand language is imperative. From the job title to the job responsibilities, a stand-out job posting uses clear, concise language, avoiding unnecessary buzzwords and industry jargon that may alienate those outside your immediate sphere. Additionally, inclusive language is crucial in appealing to a diverse pool of candidates. This means avoiding terms that are unconsciously biased towards a particular gender, ethnicity, or background.

For example, check for gendered wording. Shift traditionally gender-coded words like “aggressive” (which might imply a preference for masculine traits) to more neutral terms like “determined.” These subtle changes ensure your posting is appealing and accessible to a broad audience and reflect your company’s commitment to inclusivity.

Tip #4: Set Clear Expectations

Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment, high turnover rates, and a tarnished company reputation as new hires find the role does not match what was advertised. When creating your job posting, be sure to include a clear list of responsibilities, necessary qualifications, and potential challenges. 

By being transparent about what the role entails and what it takes to succeed, you reduce the risk of misalignment down the line. Including specifics about the role not only aids in attracting candidates who are a good fit but also helps deter those who aren’t suited for the position, saving time and resources in the hiring process. 

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