The Career Site: How to Make the Most of this Recruitment Tool

As a business owner or recruiter in an always-evolving digital world, you need an effective, agile strategy for attracting the right talent. But with all of the tools available today, how do you know which are the best ones to use?

Here’s why every business should have a career site—and how you can create one that actually gets results.

What Is a Career Site?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, a career site isn’t the same as a job board where different employers go to post job vacancies. While those can be a valuable hiring tool, they shouldn’t be your only way of connecting with potential candidates.

Instead, your business needs its own career site, a dedicated page on your company website or a separate platform where you can post job openings and showcase your employer brand as well.

Why Does Your Business Need One?

More than just a one-stop-shop for job seekers interested in working for your company, your career site is a valuable recruiting solution that can have many benefits for your business, some of the most notable being:

  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Promotion of your employer brand
  • Data-driven insight into your recruitment process

The Keys to an Effective Career Site

Every business is unique, but to reap the benefits of having a career site tailored to your organization, there are some key components that every career site should include.

Company information

A career site is your chance to pitch your company and give candidates a complete picture of what it’s like working with you, which can’t be achieved through job descriptions alone. Your career site needs a space dedicated to sharing who you are, what you do, and why candidates should consider a position at your company. Be sure to include:

Company values: You want talent that shares and emulates your values, so make sure you state them clearly and honestly.

Employee value proposition: Shared values aren’t everything. Job seekers need to know what sets your company apart from the rest. What do you offer that others might not?

Dynamic job descriptions

Your job descriptions are the core of your career site, so they should display as much of your employer brand as any other page on your career or company website. Rather than writing out a stale list of responsibilities and qualifications, inject your unique company personality into each job post and provide clear insight into what each job is really like.

Easy applications

60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out job applications because they’re often too long and complex. The simple way to solve this? Keep your job applications basic. If you utilize assessments, save them for later on in the hiring process. The more streamlined the initial application process is, the better the candidate experience will be and the happier people will be to apply.

Authentic media

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when included on your career site, they can reinforce the values you introduce in your company description. Consider adding in team photos so potential candidates can see the faces behind your career site. If you want to take it a step further, supplement your content with videos, too. Rather than explaining who you are in one big paragraph, you might put together a creative video introducing yourself to potential candidates.

Employee testimonials

When it comes to learning about a company’s reputation, the average candidate is probably going to trust the voice of regular employees before the voice of company executives. By including positive employee testimonials, you’re showing job seekers that what you convey on your site actually reflects real experiences.

Avoid These Mistakes When Building Your Site

Don’t forget mobile users

In a world where there are more mobile devices than people, you don’t want to focus solely on desktop optimization. When building your site, ensure it can accommodate tablet and smartphone users, too.

Don’t neglect your social media

Your social media channels and career site don’t have to be two independent methods of connecting with candidates. By integrating your social media into your website, you not only boost your online presence and drive more traffic to your site but you also have another avenue through which you can seamlessly show off your employer brand.

Don’t forget the functionality

You want your values and company culture to stand out on your career site, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing your site’s functionality. To ensure you’re encouraging people to apply for open positions, don’t let call-to-actions and critical navigation features get buried in your content.

Don’t skip the analytics

Career site metrics are some of the most important recruitment metrics you can track. By tracking the number of visitors, source of visitors, source of applicants, and more, you gain valuable insight into your recruitment process and can more easily make improvements.

Build a Better Career Site with Empower Partnerships

Are you unsure where to start when it comes to creating your own career site? At Empower Partnerships, we have the talent acquisition and IT expertise to bring your site to life in a way that actively supports your business.

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