Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies: What to Look for

An inefficient recruitment process can lead to unnecessary expenditures of resources, time and money while limiting your ability to focus on your core business goals. For the majority of companies that just don’t have dedicated resources to resolve all of their recruiting challenges, they often choose to utilize Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Whether you’re looking to hand off some or all of your recruitment process, bringing in an RPO provider is an effective way of hiring the people you need while reducing costs and driving efficiency. RPO firms are experts in human capital solutions, but when looking for a provider, you’ll want to ensure that they can deliver the key benefits of RPO.


Hiring needs fluctuate often. You may go through long periods with no need to hire. Or you might need 100 new team members in a short time frame. When searching for the right RPO partner, ask about their strategies for scaling their solutions to adapt to changing demands without straying from your brand or compromising on the quality of hires.

Long-term solutions

Unlike a traditional staffing agency, which works with you on an ad hoc basis, most RPO companies deliver long-term results that go beyond just filling roles. Look for a partner, like Empower Partnerships, that will act as an extension of your organization by understanding your business goals and bringing you the recruitment solutions you need to get there, even during slow hiring periods.

Additionally, your RPO partner should bring their knowledge and expertise in helping you to make your “employer brand” more attractive to both your candidates and existing team members, facilitating more retention of your best employees. Keeping your best people will save you both time and money in staffing and training, allowing you to focus on executing your core business activities.

Brand knowledge & enhancement

You may not have the time or the right people to ensure that your company’s message is accurately conveyed to candidates. A good RPO partner ensures your values are clearly presented. They should also be able to source new hires that align with your brand, and create a quality hiring experience that reflects well on your company.

Efficiency & Innovation

The core purpose of an RPO provider is to streamline your recruitment process, reducing your need to allocate valued resources on these efforts. This requires continuous innovation as your industry, recruitment technologies, and your business develop. Before bringing in a partner, look at how they’ll be able to not only perform, but innovate, implementing their solutions to fit your industry and maintain high levels of efficiency.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Empower Partnerships

We don’t just drop in and give short-term talent solutions like you may be used to with traditional staffing agencies’ methods. We implement tailored, cost-effective solutions that bring together people, processes, and technology and deliver real results that are aligned with your vision. But it doesn’t end there — we  stick around to offer continuous support and make sure your talent acquisition always empowers your business—whether you’re actively hiring or not.

Reach out to Empower Partnerships today and let’s start a conversation.