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What’s Your Business Professionality?

Every individual has their own personality, and so does every business. Do you know yours? In this blog, we break down how you can develop your own “professionality” to bring in the talent that supports your company’s needs, culture, and mission. 

What Is a Professionality?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Cambridge Dictionary defines professionality as “the quality of being professional.” Urban Dictionary has a slightly different take, defining professionality as “the art of maintaining a professional appearance and attitude while projecting a tremendous amount of personality.”

At Empower Partnerships, we believe professionality is “the professional and personal characteristics and qualities your organization possesses that make a candidate want to get to know you and come work with you.” In other words, your professionality is your employer brand or employee value proposition. 

Defining Your Professionality

People choose to be around people they enjoy being with and getting to know. They choose jobs the same way. When considering your company, job seekers will ask: Do I believe in the products they make? Are my values aligned with the company’s values? 

Just as candidates want a good “personality” match, so do you as the employer, and that means developing an employer brand built to bring in the right people. 

Know Your Company Mission, Values, and Culture

What is your organization’s vision? What’s needed to achieve that vision? What kind of candidate aligns with your values? To find the right match, start with your core mission and work outward from there. 

Conduct an Internal Audit

How do current employees perceive your employer brand, or professionality? Internal feedback is critical to uncovering and improving problem areas that may negatively impact your talent acquisition and management. 

Have an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Putting together your company mission and insights from your audit, you can define your EVP — the unique value only your organization can offer employees. This should include both monetary and non-monetary rewards, such as salary, growth and development opportunities, remote work possibilities, and more. 

Put Words Into Action

A strong professionality requires you to not only tell employees why you’re a great place to work but show them, too. Onboarding, training, management, and other HR practices should all be aligned with your employer brand. 

Promote Your Professionality

In addition to a great career website, social media is a powerful tool for showing off your employer brand and differentiating yourself from other employers. It also keeps your company at the top of candidates’ minds. 

Monitor Your Results

The secret to creating a successful professionality is ongoing testing and review. Decide which data you want to track, how you’ll collect it, and how you’ll analyze it to uncover opportunities for improvement.

At Empower Partnerships, we can help you define or refine your professionality to attract the right candidates and improve your hire and retention rates. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to talent acquisition and management.